It’s okay, I get that a lot. I don’t want to be with me either.



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Daily grind

6 photos of 6 days on the road. I motivate myself through photos.

My good friend, Kaye celebrated her birthday yesterday and since we’re such great friends, we decided to give her these. A box full of chicken with pictures of her on the chicken, a mixtape, and a box of toothpicks (not shown in the photo; because dental hygiene is next to Godliness)

Come greet her if you haven’t, it’s better late that never! 


things this blog have missed—— graduation

I was THIS close to getting emotional when suddenly… Bad video editing skills happened. Oooops, kidding! I’ll definitely miss high school but it’s time to move forward. And besides, you can’t stay in high school forever right?

Title: Game of Thrones theme song played in the style of a music box 325,359 plays

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