a trip to the museum

Last week, I was finally able to take a trip down to the National Museum (and a bunch of other places I’ve never been to) with some friends and It was the coolest thing ever. We were no art critiques but we did pretty well on evaluating the exhibits, especially the sculptures that looked like people we know. Walking around manila gave me a peak on how it was going to be in a few months for me.Then I got sick when I got home hahahaha.  I need to be used to this!!

wow I’m not making sense in this blog anymore

The 1975

One of the things that I looked forward to this senior year was our intrams. We were the ones in-charge of everything and I chose to be in the documentation committee( documentation, not documentary ok? ) because taking pictures was the only thing I knew how to do. Deadlines, requirements and intensive waiting for that decisive moment comprised my short yet memorable stay in docu committee. I met amazing people throughout a month’s preparation for the said event. TIme flies and we’re almost done with everything. Palaro, Prom, Teachers’ Day  and in a few weeks, Graduation.

i don’t know anymore



Highlights: January-Early March

It’s almost 4 am in the morning and I am still awake. What better way to spend your first day of 2014 than write a long-ass paragraph about how the previous year has been, right? (warning: this will get pretty long so stop reading if you don’t want to waste you time hehe)

2013 was such a hell of a year. It was full of the good stuff, as well as the bad stuff too. I must admit that 2013 had a lot of shortcomings, misunderstandings, problems and whatnot, BUT I’m glad to say that I fucking survived. I am still alive and breathing. I can look back at yesterday (because last year was just literally yesterday, HA!) and think to myself that every bit of 2013, even the shittiest ones, trained me to be a contender to the endless fight that is life. I really feel grateful because of the abundance that I have been receiving for the past year even though at times I never really feel like I deserve it. 2013 opened doors for me, introduced me to new people and reunited me with old ones. I have met the BEST people and made EPIC mistakes (or should I say adventures) with them and I will never forget every second of it. How it made me feel blissful and infinite, and at times, it also mad me feel like a badass :—) To sum everything up, 2013 was full of unexpected things. It wasn’t my year, yes but I have made the most out of it. I became a lot of things, a few which I thought I would never become, but ahh, fuck it. 

I will never make promises on how this year will be spent. All I know is that every second will never be put to waste. As cliche as it may sound, but I WILL make everything count. I’ll surrender everything I do to the G’man up there and do everything with best intentions. 

Well what do you know, it’s already 4:30 and I’ve spent a solid 30 minutes in writing this long-ass paragraph. To you who stuck around until the last word of this post, thank you for your time. May you kick ass this 2014!! Much love!!

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